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Re: Wings Remastered

Subject: Re: Wings Remastered
by kas1e on 2019/3/16 6:10:23

Yep, sure


"makefile_ppc.aos4" fail with "undefined reference to tx_compress_dxtn" because at the end of one string there was leaved some non-need it "" , see:


S2TCSRC = src/s2tc/s2tc_algorithm.cpp src/s2tc/s2tc_libtxc_dxtn.cpp \

Once i removed it, makefile_ppc.aos4 compile things without errors, but result library still smaller than your one on about 600kb and it still freeze the os once i run quake3 and hit enter after ID logo starts.

In Lugaru some textures in menu just white areas.

In Cube some textures also messed a bit (i even can't exit most of time, as it freezes).

Maybe its all about that newly added ibtxc_dxtn ?

EDIT: Ok, size differences can be explained by switching from S2TC wtih libtxc_dxtn (i just tried to use that one instead of ibtxc_dxtn to see that size of library start to be about as yours).

But, that still didn't fixes those issues with the quake3 hang, and lugaru/cube empty textures.

EDIT2: Found issue with broken textures in the Cube and Lugaru : they caused by very last commit where we add Capehill's patch :( Do not know if that can be cause of freezes as well in quake3 (at least, i tried to replace || back on && in both functions which was "fixed" , but it only make textures renders correctly, but quake3 still hangs : that can be something adding before of that patch, like change in drawelements or something).

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