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Another pic of the forgotten A1200

Another pic of the forgotten A1200Popular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2010/1/14 23:31
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A nice closeup. Looks like I did a case modification to get the CD drive working on the desktop case. Classic machine, classic mod.

An old A1200 system

An old A1200 systemPopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2010/1/14 23:22
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An AT A1200 I had years ago. I think it was running a Blizzard 030. In other shots, there is a Goliath-shaped PSU on the floor. And you can see the microphone cable of a Rotel RVC-240 CB Radio. Happy Days.

Notice the dial-up modem, and the external scandoubler/flickerfixer. Nice setup. I found this picture, along with others on a CD in the attic!

Amiga A600HD on 27" LCD

Amiga A600HD on 27" LCDPopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2009/4/28 3:05
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A600 with KickStart and WorkBench 3.1, 2MB RAM, 512MB Flash HDD.

A600 with my Laptop and Radio Equipment

A600 with my Laptop and Radio EquipmentPopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryOther    Last Update2008/7/16 22:18
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Left to Right:

A600HD - 2MB / 7MHz 68000 / 512MB Flash HDD / KS & WB 3.1 / WiFi

Icom IC-E7 2m/70cm Handheld with wide-band receive

Sony Vaio VGN-TX3XP Sub Notebook pictured running EchoLink

Yaesu FT897D with FC-30 ATU / FP-30 PSU / MD-200A8X Desk Mic / Collins SSB & CW filters installed / LDG FT-Meter

Amiga A600HD with PCMCIA Wireless Adaptor

Amiga A600HD with PCMCIA Wireless AdaptorPopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2008/6/15 3:06
Hits3274  Comments1   10.000010.00 (1 vote)

KS/WB 3.1
68000 CPU @ 7MHz
2MB Chip RAM
Orinoco 802.11b PCMCIA Card

Amiga 600 Online

Amiga 600 OnlinePopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryOther    Last Update2008/6/15 3:00
Hits4808  Comments3   8.50008.50 (2 votes)
Booted WB 3.1 with blanker running, noclick etc.

Running AmiTCP 3 & Grapevine IRC Client.

Quite remarkable really, the machine is a 7MHz 68000 CPU with 2MB RAM, and yet it is online and still has 1MB free memory!

Amiga's Power!

A1200's Latest Amiga 600HD Setup

A1200's Latest Amiga 600HD SetupPopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2008/4/9 0:41
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This is my latest Amiga A600HD. I think you will agree it is a very clean machine considering it is now 16 years old!

KS & OS 3.1
512MB Flash HDD
Amiga 1011 External Drive
CF Adaptor for transferring files from PC

The display is an LG 17" stereo TV, connected to the Amiga via SCART & Phono cables, producing a quality sound and picture.

The Laptop seen in the right of the picture is my Sony Vaio VGN-TC3XP, which is my home and business workhorse!

A1200's latest Amiga A1200 setup

A1200's latest Amiga A1200 setupPopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2007/5/29 2:08
Hits6702  Comments6   10.000010.00 (1 vote)
Well I have posted a similar image before, but this is a better picture and boasts the minor upgrades I have done since posting a photo of my Amiga before.

Specifications are:

- Escom Amiga A1200, 3.1 ROMS
- 512MB Flash Hard Drive
- Phase5 Blizzard 1220/4
- 512MB PCMCIA CF Adaptor
- C= External Floppy Drive model 1011
- Running Workbench 3.1

Patches and enhancements include MagicWB, Fblit, Birdie, TitleShadow etc.

The machine is totally silent thanks to the Solid State HDD, being powered by an A500 PSU and running AntiClick.

Used for serious apps like Organiser 2 and Wordworth 5, as well as more entertaining stuff like Octamed 6 and various games.

Tell me, is this the best Amiga 1200 pic you have ever seen?

A1200's current A1200 set-up

A1200's current A1200 set-upPopular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2007/2/14 1:27
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It is a new Escom Amiga bought from Amigakit.com. Current specs are KS/OS 3.1, Blizzard 1200/4 with 33MHz 68882 FPU, 2GB HDD & external floppy drive. Just want to run classic games and apps, so don't want tons of RAM or CPU.

Brand new Escom A1200

Brand new Escom A1200Popular
SubmitterA1200More Photos from A1200   CategoryHardware    Last Update2007/1/15 2:04
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This is a brand new Escom A1200, with standard 210MB HDD. I have since put a 4MB RAM card w/RTC in the trapdoor slot, other than that, it's completely untouched.

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 10 photos hit)

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