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Publications : Reprint of the Amiga Guru Book
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/4/20 12:10:00 (1302 reads) News by the same author

Some time ago we rereleased the German Amiga Guru Book. We have promised to care for a reprint of the English Amiga Guru Book aswell.

Recently we've been fully occupied with various other projects (amongst others the English version of the Amiga Future) and couldn't take care of the Guru Book.

Now we have more time and want to work more intensely on this project.

Because of that we ask all users who are interested in a reprint of the Amiga Guru Book to drop an email to andreas@apc-tcp.de using the subject "Guru Book".

This is not a preorder! We only want to check if there are enough interested people for a reprint!
We are not able to tell a price nor release date!


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Author Thread
Published: 2007/4/20 13:46  Updated: 2007/4/20 13:46
Supreme Council
Joined: 11/19/2006
From: London, England
Comments: 1293
 Re: Reprint of the Amiga Guru Book
It might be an idea to have a word with Ralf and try to update it a bit. Although there is lots of usefull info in there, a lot is now considered obsolete from what I'm told.

Published: 2007/4/20 14:25  Updated: 2007/4/20 14:25
Quite a regular
Joined: 02/15/2007
Comments: 510
 Re: Reprint of the Amiga Guru Book
I dont think that we can Update the book. Its only a reprint.

one problem ist taht Ralf are very busy. The other is, and donmt forget please, the amiga market is very small. we talk here for a reprint with 50-100 copies.
Published: 2007/4/20 16:30  Updated: 2007/4/20 16:30
Amigans Defender
Joined: 11/26/2006
From: Canada
Comments: 985
 Re: Reprint of the Amiga Guru Book
I think this is an essential book for any Amiga OS programmers out there even if you use some clone or emulator system. Yes it contains some ancient information which is no longer correct but for the most part it is correct and worth getting.

I don't think anybody knows how long it will be until we see another book as detailed and complete as this one is.

Programmers should also have a copy of the Amiga Dev CD to go along with it.
Published: 2007/4/20 18:55  Updated: 2007/4/20 18:55
Supreme Council
Joined: 11/19/2006
From: London, England
Comments: 1293
 Re: Reprint of the Amiga Guru Book
Well, I'd certainly be up for one anyway, just to say I have it :)

And to support a worthy cause, of course :)

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