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Re: e-uaes from os4depot, fresh recompile (post #10)

Subject: Re: e-uaes from os4depot, fresh recompile (post #10)
by MickJT on 2018/11/25 9:03:14


I've compared them using diff, but I don't really know what I'm looking at to make a proper bug report. I don't know which change it is. All I can say is it's one of them, and my best guess is the change from rev 335 of adtools on sourceforge.

I'm not the best person to make a bug report about this. I have no altivec enabled machine, and therefore no way of testing binaries myself to create an easily reproducible test case, nor do I know whether it's only specific instructions that cause a problem. I've tracked it down to the linker scripts (internal & external) in binutils 2.23.2, but to find the exact instruction(s), and a proper test case, is too tedious for me and annoying for someone else if I have to send them countless binaries to test for me. Not to mention I don't think I'd even know how to create a proper test case. I don't know assembly, or even C for that matter. Best someone else debugs it :)

This is a bit off-topic now and doesn't relate to e-uae. As mentioned earlier, e-uae has no altivec specific code and so -maltivec is not required, but I only wanted to mention any problem that might arise if it was used. I think there is an effect when using that flag even when compiling code that has no specific instructions for it.
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