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Re: Interested in learning OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova?

Subject: Re: Interested in learning OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova?
by Hans on 2016/9/8 5:35:41

from a total 3D programming newbie point of view, what is the easier, Warp3D Nova or OpenGL ?

Hard to say. I personally find Warp3D Nova easier, but that could be because I designed it. Warp3D Nova has fewer ways to achieve the same task, which I think makes it simpler and easier.

That said, it takes a little more effort to get started. Warp3D Nova requires you to use Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs) for vertex data. VBOs have to be allocated and then filled with data, which are extra steps compared to using vertex arrays directly. However, you really want to use VBOs in OpenGL as well for performance reasons (they can be stored in VRAM). So Nova forces you to learn the best method right away, instead of starting with an easy but slow method.

The high-level concepts are the same for both.

Which of these 2 is the less verbose ?

Assuming that you're using VBOs for both, Nova is slightly less verbose. In OpenGL you have to call glUniform*() for each uniform variable (i.e., shader constant), whereas Warp3D Nova allows you to write/copy your data straight into the Data Buffer Object (DBO). That means fewer function calls.

IMHO, when it comes to choosing one or the other, it really comes down to whether you're writing for AmigaOS alone, or multiple platforms. OpenGL is cross-platform, whereas Warp3D Nova is AmigaOS only.


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