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Re: Interested in learning OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova?

Subject: Re: Interested in learning OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova?
by Hans on 2016/9/7 21:25:15


Ok, I have the enhancer plus 1.1 and it crashes with gl_Position.y += yOffset; (shader compiles with no errors).

Okay, please submit a ticket to the bug tracker along with a test case (or at least a test shader), and I'll look into it.

can i suggest to made the dev kit of nova as free distributable? this will increase for sure the developing of nova compatible software and a consequence will be more user registration .

That's up to A-EON. That said, developing software without the ability to test is doesn't work, so I don't see the advantage. Sure, theoretically you could send test versions to others, but it's a horribly slow way to work.

I don't know enough about the different Warp3Ds, so perhaps I can't have it both ways and all existing games need to be re-ported? For example xmoto and Neverball. And would they need source changes? I assume if it worked with MiniGL, then you simply recompile. Would you need two binaries, one for older cards? (i.e 9250).

Any card supported by the W3DN_SI Warp3D Nova driver also works with the W3D_SI Warp3D driver, so you don't have to choose between one or the other.


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