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Re: Interested in learning OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova?

Subject: Re: Interested in learning OpenGL ES 2 or Warp3D Nova?
by Caras on 2016/9/7 8:56:33


Did they compile and not work? Or, did they fail with errors?

Do you still have the original shaders? If so, then could you email them to me (use the email address on my website)?

Usually gave an error, crashed while compiling on something (sorry, can't remember what bit of code caused that).

Also wasn't able to modify gl_Position.y in this bit of code.

uniform float yOffset;
gl_Position = MVP * vec4(vertexPosition_modelspace,1);
gl_Position.y += yOffset;

And some other stuff like gl_FragColor.rgb * 1.0; didn't work. But that was easy enough to modify. I'll try and get the original shaders to you, but half of it was probably my fault.

That's weird. I always put the uniforms after the inputs. Mind you, I'm using Nova directly so they're compiled with a standalone GLSL to SPIR-V compiler. Still, the compiler in the GL ES wrapper is based on the same code.

Found that out from the boingball example code otherwise I'd still be banging my head against the wall.

Well, RGB is supported by pretty much zero hardware...
With MiniGL/Warp3D, using RGB actually wastes extra memory because it has to keep a copy of both the RGB original, and the converted RGBA version.

Didn't know that, I was only including the alpha channel when I was using it.

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