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vasmm68k project: How to find the line in the code.
Home away from home
2006/11/20 16:26
From Norway
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Getting a error from vlink, at code+0xe2c, how can i find what line 0xe2c is on?

vlink -L NDK31:INCLUDES/LINKER_LIBS -l amiga -bamigahunk -s Startup/PhotonsMiniWrapper.o CPU_Blit_Assist.o GFX/blitter.o GFX/cpublit.o GFX/comboblit.o GFX/tilemap.o GFX/font.o GFX/object.o Support/performance.o Support/titletext.o Data/copperlists.o Data/tiles.o Data/bobs.o Data/background.o -o CPU_Blit_Assist
Warning 58: Relative references between code section "main" and data section "data" (CPU_Blit_Assist.o) force a combination of the two.
Warning 22: Attributes of section main were changed from r-x- in performance.o to rwx- in CPU_Blit_Assist.o.
Error 32: Target amigahunk: Unsupported relocation type R_ABS (offset=0, size=16, mask=ffffffffffffffff) at code+0xe2c.
vlink failed returncode 20
make: *** [CPU_Blit_Assist] Error 20

Code section is only 2966 bytes, short is +/-32767, so branches should be with in scope.
Data is 638 bytes
0xE2C is 3628 that is larger then code section, so I guess it has something to do with warning 58

I outputted a list using -l on vasmm68k it says something like F{hex value}:{decimal number}, what are this numbers?


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Re: vasmm68k project: How to find the line in the code.
Just popping in
2012/10/17 20:42
Posts: 105
You should post this at EAB where the Vasm developer could answer.

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