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zmodem transfers from OS4.1 FE
Just popping in
2006/11/29 7:57
Posts: 178
Hi there.

I'm trying to transfer some files to my A500 over a serial cable.
My hope was that term 4.8 would do it but whenever selecting "transfer binary file(s) my machine will lock up hard. (X5000)

So what i'm looking for is advice about how to get zmodem transfers working from Term 4.8 or an alternative way to do it.

I remember from a few years ago when i just wanted to be able to capture serial debug output from another machine that there was not many options for serial communications for os4.1 (iirc there was only term 4.8 and the archive from aminet would not even run without doing some tweaking at first).
Maybe there is some tweak needed to be done to send files also? I can recieve and send text between the computers when typing on the keyboards.

So does anyone know any alternative ways to send my files, or does term 4.8 work for you or if there is something that can be done to term so that it will work?

This A500 is running aos 1.3 and ncomm and at the moment i'm hoping to not have to replace ncomm with any other software as it would be easier if i could get zmodem transfers to work from the X5000.

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Re: zmodem transfers from OS4.1 FE
Just popping in
2007/1/10 21:56
From Stockholm Sweden
Posts: 162
An alternative that works for me is - http://os4depot.net/share/network/misc/transfer.lha

I use it beetween my X5000 and A500.

Edit: Sorry for Amiga OS2 and up only..

1989-> A500, A600, A3000, A4000, A1200, CD32, µA1, PegII, A1XE, CDTV, Amy/416D79, A1X5000, Vampire 500 V2+, Vampire 600 V2, Amy-ITX<-2020
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Re: zmodem transfers from OS4.1 FE
Just popping in
2006/11/29 7:57
Posts: 178

I actually upgraded to os3.1 and a gotek just to be able to test this one :)
It works when using the A500 as customer and the X5000 as service.
But when using the X5000 as customer it does not work, the gui is just frozen on the X5000.
The service program seems to work under 1.3 also so it would be great it i could get it working with the X5000 as the customer.

Can you use your X5000 as customer?
My main boot partition is filled with the latest beta components but i also checked with my "safe" system partition that is quite close to the one you have and i have the same result there.

There was no contact information in the archive but i think i know how to contact the author after some googeling so if im motivated someday and feel confident that it's because of bugs in his program i could try to contact him.

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