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Compiling for SDL ?
Not too shy to talk
2011/6/3 13:49
Posts: 266

It seems that there several implémentations/packages for SDL

So wich is the recommended package to install/use for C developpement for AmigaOS4 ? ditto for AmigaOS3 ?

Is there an OS3 & OS4 compatible SDL ? (I mean can compile the same C source for both OS)

How about SDL2 ? recommanded ? or less compatible ?



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Re: Compiling for SDL ?
Just popping in
2015/7/17 2:32
From Sydney
Posts: 54

Use SDL1.x if you want to support both. SDL2 is only on OS4.

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Re: Compiling for SDL ?
Just can't stay away
2007/7/14 21:30
From Lothric
Posts: 1126

(with OS4 glasses on)

- SDL1 doesn't seem to be maintained
- SDL2 has seen active development, 2.0.6 release is likely

If you plan to use OpenGL1.x, no big differences.

If you plan to do some 2D blitting, SDL1 supports HW acceleration only in fullscreen mode. This would be possible to change, of course. SDL2 has compositing support.

Either way, it's not super hard to switch from SDL1 to SDL2. Takes maybe one weekend. (read the migration guide)

SDL2 is more future-proof if you want to support other current systems. Almost nobody on the official SDL forum talks about SDL1.

I have done some SDL2 work. Ask me anything! :)

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