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X11 Forwarding via AmiCygnix?
Just popping in
2007/2/14 15:50
From Australia
Posts: 66
A few ignorant questions from me on AmiCygnix:
* Is there a terminal that comes with it eg. xterm. I have looked but have not found anything yet.
* I would like to X11 forward from my Linux machine. If there is a terminal will it support ssh -X? I have tried exporting the DISPLAY variable via sshterm on the Amiga side but that failed.

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Re: X11 Forwarding via AmiCygnix?
Just popping in
2006/11/29 7:57
Posts: 155

There is no terminal for Amicygnix but you should be able to X11 forward some stuff from your linux machine.
Here is a screenshot i made in 2012 with xterm.
Resized Image(click to open in newtab for fullsize)

I'm not an linux expert and i do not remember any more how i did it but it should be doable even today.
I might have some clues somewhere on my hdd.

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Re: X11 Forwarding via AmiCygnix?
Not too shy to talk
2006/12/24 12:23
From Germany
Posts: 499

No, there is no terminal available for AmiCygnix so far.

The easiest way to launch a Linux application on an AmiCygnix display is this:

1. To add permission to run an application on (e.g.) AmiCygnix display 0, add a new line to "Cygnix:CygnixPPC/etc/X0.hosts" and add the IP of your Linux machine.

2. Launch the application (e.g. xterm) like this on your Linux machine:

xterm --display=Amiga-IP:0

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