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Re: WPE WebKit
Home away from home
2007/9/11 11:31
From Russia
Posts: 6078

nd figuring out how to even build the thing down to pretty much zero.

Then you will know nothing about how to update webkit's code. Everything connected between : if you don't know internals of build process, you will fail to update it and impove things. Pure enabling of "webgl" and associated code to be done requere understanding of build system. Same for everything.

It not like if you have all ready to build, then can easyly imporve and add components, and they somehow will auto-builds again. Of course not. You need to understand build system in any case.


My changes on deadwood's GitHub was only initial ones, and not full ones, not of use. Just when I realize their issues with java-script core Endianes back in past I stop adding them.

As for Joakim branch: The speed with which Jaokim works is unacceptable if we take developing for real, and his branch also in a very initial form, so don't count on it.

As for all that "organize/forming the team" :) its all for real things about nothing. I mean, we are full of organizers, translators, and all that stuff. OS4 camp is good on "organizing teams", but not doing real things :) Once I hear "about "forming a team", I always laugh. It means "let's start to do something, but nothing actually, maybe someone else will". Just like some politics :) Like no one can organize ourselves to do things :) It's all easy and no problems. Problem actual capable developer(s) working on fulltime as the main project. There were already examples of how people deal with WebKit: Andrea, Joerg, Fab, Deadwood, some other ones. That not a problem if you for real start to spend time on it and have REAL WISH for.

I only agree that there needs some "how_to_build_for_os4.txt" maybe, and put just source code on Github. Just to make life a bit easy, and that all.

Nothing else needs it. No images, nothing. As images mean a lot of work spend on keeping it in sync and taking that work away from actual work. Only GitHub realistically can help today to made anything together.

Making image in case os os4/odyssey mean me always keeping it in update state with all those deps, just because other do not want to setup cross-compiler. Damn , who here then. Its enough to put everything on github with instructions. No needs for time waste.

If one will be not able to set up a cross-compiler (there already bunch of instructions on os4coding about), or download things from Github and follow instructions (those ones to be done, yes), and to put back changes on github back saying "we do not have native tools for github support", then who care about help from people who do not want to deal with problems which of course happens and will happens.

Everyone RIGHT NOW can download WebKit latest code from original WebKit site, setup cross-compiler, start to learn about build system, YES HARD, AND TIME WASTE, YES (same as for any developers on any os) and then try to build at least core. It didn't requere programming skills, but only TIME and WISH. Is anyone actually right now download latest webkit ? Any of us can download it right now, and try to build a core with rendering to a simple Cairo window. Tinker with something. Read some readmes, checking how it structured, what components it has. All the information about what needs and how to compile things are on the WebKit site as well. When you will start to configure it will say what minimal versions of libs it needs, and those ones need to be re-ported too, of course (which most of the time will be just ./configure; make). And so on, and so on.

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Re: WPE WebKit
Home away from home
2007/1/26 21:48
From New Zealand
Posts: 2271

...It didn't requere programming skills, but only TIME and WISH...

Time is something very precious. Once spent you can never get it back. Don't expect people to waste the time they have...

If you want people to help you with Odyssey & WebKit, then make it easy for them to get started. You're going to get more people if they can simply install a dev environment, check out the code from GitHub, and build it.


http://hdrlab.org.nz/ - Amiga OS 4 projects, programming articles and more.
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Re: WPE WebKit
Site Builder
2006/12/2 23:57
From Athens/Dublin
Posts: 576
I agree a lot with you Roman. My point is that you did all that work on porting it, and I think I am talking for everyone here, we all appreciate that. If you can actually setup this github repo with Odyssey latest code, and provide some information on what it is needed to be built, I volunteer to try to make a setup that will be easy for everyone to use, and provide a way to build the whole application out of the box.

If you can also document some of your experience on how to port webkit, others will not have to figure out everything from the scratch. Then if someone wants to try to port a newer version of webkit, he will need less time to spend in stuff out of it, and will not lose motivation fast.

The team I proposed was about the new browser you discussed earlier. I can't do the porting of webkit, but I can do other things, and I will be happy to spend time on working on that project. And that team will be responsible for bringing a viable proposal and document why and what. That team will contact other developers to help, inside the Amiga community or outside. And prepare the whole situation for someone to start working on that. Maybe even find funding.

To be clear, I do not want and I can't lead that team, but I can contribute with my experience and knowledge, wherever this is possible.

At least, that's my opinion on the topic.

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