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Re: ScummVM and AmigaOS4.1 F.E.
Just can't stay away
2006/11/30 11:30
From Finland
Posts: 1707

That's about how big the stack is according to the crashlog, but it seems not to be enough.

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Re: ScummVM and AmigaOS4.1 F.E.
Home away from home
2007/9/11 11:31
From Russia
Posts: 5882
Are you sure that stack cookie works at all in scummvm ? I tried now to run scummvm from a shell, and it always crashes, until i didn't do something like "stack 1000000", which mean, that by default there is no stack cookie seems so.

Is it like this in scummvm ?:


#ifdef __amigaos4__
static const char* __attribute__((used)) stackcookie = "$STACK: 2000000";


As i see in Raner, by default its 600.000 bytes in 2.1.0, not 2.000.000. And when i set "stack 1000000" , i can see that scummvm need for start in modern theme 732.932, so default 600.000 is too low.

From icon it works because you have set 1024000 stack size in, but that all mean that stack cookie didn't works, or have 600.000 only. At least in 2.1.0

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Re: ScummVM and AmigaOS4.1 F.E.
Home away from home
2006/11/26 21:45
From a dying planet
Posts: 3632
Yes, there was a misunderstanding.
Since a new update is imminent there have been some things backported which mixed up the buildbot.

Should be fixed once 2.1.1 is out.

People are dying.
Entire ecosystems are collapsing.
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.
And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.
How dare you!
– Greta Thunberg
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Re: ScummVM and AmigaOS4.1 F.E.
Home away from home
2006/11/26 21:45
From a dying planet
Posts: 3632

Don't hold your breath for 2.1.1

I'm encountering more and more problems with stupids bugs showing up.

One of those is really the best.
I did a new build and let it install,.
After that i started the app and it showed up with an error message:
No translations.dat found.

I had it installed and it was fine, ScummVM just refused to find it.
I know these kind of glitches by now, so i simply created a new directory called themes (where the file resides in), copied over translation.dat, restarted ScummVM and, hell, i hate that shit, it worked!!!

Don't ask me why, but due to these problems i have to rebuild over and over again to find a suitable setup where it will work.

Another example...if i compile something from a "bad" directory structure, it will crash on start pointing to libstdc++.so (which it ALWAYS does).
Of course, nothing can be done about THAT, AND i can't know beforehand that the structure is "bad", so i have to try again with a known "sane" directory structure and burn time and energy because of that, which is so stupid...if i'd to tell anyone....

Any more of this and i'll drop it

People are dying.
Entire ecosystems are collapsing.
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.
And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.
How dare you!
– Greta Thunberg
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Re: ScummVM and AmigaOS4.1 F.E.
Home away from home
2006/11/26 21:45
From a dying planet
Posts: 3632

Does anyone see right away what the problem could be?

Anything else obvious maybe?

Crash log for task "ScummVM"
Generated by GrimReaper 53.19
Crash occured in module libstdc
++.so at address 0x7EA3B064
Type of crash
DSI (Data Storage Interruptexception
Alert number

Register dump
GPR (General Purpose Registers):
000000010 373C8180 ABADCAFE 37AE3D28 37ADD904 37AE3128 FFFFFFFF 37AD8300 
00000008 37AE3D28 373C8188 37AE3D28 00000000 37B129DC 00000000 37B0AE90 
7EF18CE8 00000000 00000000 37AD57F8 02B30000 02B30000 18ADE918 00000000 
37468248 3746EC74 37468248 3746EF40 37AD9A68 37AD9628 37B03FE8 37AD8300 

(Floating Point RegistersNaN Not a Number):
0:              nan              nan     -4.4678e+307              nan 
:              nan              nan              146              104 
:               42              104             2550       4.5036e+15 
:                1      2.14748e+09                0                0 
:                0                0                0                0 
:                0                0                0                0 
:                0         -95.3894                1         -32536.7 
:         -105.609               55               26              nan 

(Floating Point Status and Control Register): 0x82004000

(Special Purpose Registers):
Machine State (msr) : 0x0000B030
(cr) : 0x37AD9A68
      Instruction Pointer 
(ip) : 0x7EA3B064
       Xtended Exception 
(xer) : 0x37AD9628
(ctr) : 0x37B03FE8
(lr) : 0x37AD8300
            DSI Status 
(dsisr) : 0x3563BDD0
            Data Address 
(dar) : 0x021AD048

680x0 emulated registers
DATA00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 
:                0                0                0                0 
:                0                0                0                0 

Symbol info
Instruction pointer 0x7EA3B064 belongs to module "libstdc++.so" (PowerPC
Symbol__dynamic_cast 0x5C in section 11 offset 0x00002264

Stack trace
RAM Disk:ScummVM/sobjs/libstdc++.so:__dynamic_cast()+0x5c (section 11 0x2264)
backends/platform/sdl/sdl.cpp:294ScummVM:_ZN11OSystem_SDL11initBackendEv()+0x148 (section 12 0x49DC)
base/main.cpp:465ScummVM:scummvm_main()+0x604 (section 12 0x7E0C)
backends/platform/sdl/amigaos/amigaos-main.cpp:79ScummVM:main()+0x194 (section 12 0x5AF8)
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x000020a4
    native kernel module newlib
    native kernel module newlib
:_start()+0x170 (section 12 0x1AB8)
native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x000255c8
    native kernel module kernel
    native kernel module kernel

PPC disassembly
7ea3b05c7c7f1b78   mr                r31,r3
7d635b78   mr                r3,r11
*7ea3b0648168001c   lwz               r11,28(r8)
7ea3b0687fe9fb78   mr                r9,r31
7c882378   mr                r8,r4

System information

P.ASemi PWRficient PA6T-1682M VB1 
 CPU speed
1800 MHz 
 FSB speed
900 MHz 

 Machine name
AmigaOne X1000 
2097152 KB 
bus.pci bus.pcie 

Expansion buses 
:1D.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA004 
   Range 0
007F03F8 007F0400 (IO
00:1D.1 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA004 
   Range 0
007F02F8 007F0300 (IO
00:1A.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA007 
:00.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA001 
:01.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA009 
:14.3 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA005 
:1C.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA003 
   Range 0
007F0200 007F0240 (IO
00:1C.1 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA003 
   Range 0
007F0240 007F0280 (IO
00:1C.2 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA003 
   Range 0
007F0280 007F02C0 (IO
00:11.3 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA002 
:11.2 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA002 
:11.1 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA002 
:11.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA002 
:10.2 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA002 
:10.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA002 
:03.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA00C 
:04.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA00A 
:05.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA00A 
:08.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA000 
:09.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA000 
:15.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA006 
:1B.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA00B 
:1E.0 Vendor 0x1959 Device 0xA008 
   Range 0
007F0400 007F0500 (IO
Range 1007F0500 007F0600 (IO
0A:12.0 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4380 
   Range 0
00001030 00001038 (IO
Range 100001050 00001054 (IO
Range 200001048 00001050 (IO
Range 300001058 0000105C (IO
Range 400001020 00001030 (IO
0A:13.0 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4387 
   Range 0
A0306000 A0307000 (MEM
0A:13.1 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4388 
   Range 0
A0307000 A0308000 (MEM
0A:13.2 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4389 
   Range 0
A0308000 A0309000 (MEM
0A:13.3 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x438A 
   Range 0
A0305000 A0306000 (MEM
0A:13.4 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x438B 
   Range 0
A0304000 A0305000 (MEM
0A:13.5 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4386 
   Range 0
A0309800 A0309900 (MEM
0A:14.0 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4385 
   Range 0
00001000 00001010 (IO
Range 1A0309400 A0309800 (MEM
0A:14.1 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x438C 
   Range 0
00001040 00001048 (IO
Range 100001058 0000105C (IO
Range 200001038 00001040 (IO
Range 300001050 00001054 (IO
Range 400001010 00001020 (IO
0A:14.2 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4383 
   Range 0
A0300000 A0304000 (MEM
0A:14.3 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x438D 
   Range 0
00000000 00100000 (MEM
0A:14.4 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x4384 
:00.0 Vendor 0x10EC Device 0x8168 
   Range 0
00003000 00003100 (IO
Range 2A0104000 A0105000 (MEM
Range 4A0100000 A0104000 (PREF.MEM
02:00.0 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x679A 
   Range 0
90000000 A0000000 (PREF.MEM
Range 2A0000000 A0040000 (MEM
Range 400002000 00002100 (IO
02:00.1 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0xAAA0 
   Range 0
A0060000 A0064000 (MEM

ISO-8859-15.charset V52.1 
english_ISO-8859-15.language V52.1 
exec.library V53.89 
camdmidi.usbfd V53.5 
cgxvideo.library V42.1 
8svx.datatype V53.2 
amissl_v111a.library V4.3 
amisslmaster.library V4.3 
update.library V53.18 
expat.library V53.6 
fuelgauge.gadget V53.8 
pthreads.library V53.11 
timesync.library V53.7 
X1kTemp.docky V53.10 
DateTime.docky V52.11 
datebrowser.gadget V53.7 
texteditor.gadget V53.24 
KeymapSwitcher.docky V52.3 
jpeg.datatype V53.7 
Mixer.docky V52.6 
sliderbar.gadget V53.21 
NetDock.docky V51.6 
RAMDock.docky V50.4 
GFXDock.docky V50.4 
CPUDock.docky V50.5 
SMARTDock.docky V53.2 
Separator.docky V53.2 
smartsubdock.docky V50.8 
Spacer.docky V53.2 
smartbutton.docky V50.8 
getcolor.gadget V53.10 
gradientslider.gadget V53.6 
colorwheel.gadget V53.7 
radiobutton.gadget V53.9 
slider.gadget V53.15 
getfont.gadget V53.9 
getfile.gadget V53.12 
anim.gadget V53.1 
clicktab.gadget V53.44 
progressbar.gadget V53.11 
shared.image V2.1 
checkbox.gadget V53.9 
arexx.class V53.5 
speedbar.gadget V53.12 
clipview.library V1.10 
requester.class V53.18 
space.gadget V53.6 
chooser.gadget V53.21 
penmap.image V53.5 
bitmap.image V53.9 
integer.gadget V53.12 
listbrowser.gadget V53.62 
string.gadget V53.20 
scroller.gadget V53.14 
hdaudio.audio V6.23 
filesave.audio V6.5 
device.audio V6.2 
ilbm.datatype V53.3 
wav.datatype V54.4 
sound.datatype V54.6 
usergroup.library V4.30 
mpega.library V2.4 
bsdsocket.library V4.307 
usbhidgate.library V53.2 
mathieeedoubbas.library V52.1 
textclip.library V53.1 
hid.usbfd V53.12 
camd.library V53.6 
xadmaster.library V13.2 
xpkmaster.library V5.2 
button.gadget V53.21 
glyph.image V53.3 
window.class V54.7 
popupmenu.class V53.2 
popupmenu.library V53.11 
label.image V53.13 
drawlist.image V53.3 
layout.gadget V54.2 
bevel.image V53.6 
png.datatype V53.10 
picture.datatype V53.7 
asl.library V53.49 
timezone.library V53.8 
application.library V53.12 
ft2.library V53.2 
Picasso96API.library V54.9 
workbench.library V53.53 
gadtools.library V53.7 
commodities.library V53.7 
datatypes.library V54.6 
png.iconmodule V53.1 
icon.library V53.16 
z.library V53.9 
version.library V53.15 
iffparse.library V53.1 
locale.library V54.2 
diskfont.library V53.9 
petunia.library V53.6 
diskcache.library V3.31 
dos.library V53.158 
usbprivate.library V53.12 
massstorage.usbfd V53.83 
hub.usbfd V53.10 
bootkeyboard.usbfd V52.3 
bootmouse.usbfd V53.3 
mounter.library V53.19 
usbresource.library V53.12 
hunk.library V53.4 
elf.library V53.27 
intuition.library V54.26 
keymap.library V53.9 
cybergraphics.library V43.0 
RadeonHD.chip V3.6 
graphics.library V54.156 
layers.library V54.12 
rtg.library V54.89 
PCIGraphics.card V53.15 
nonvolatile.library V53.5 
newlib.library V53.30 
utility.library V54.1 
expansion.library V53.1 
rexxsyslib.library V53.4 (Legacy

netprinter.device V1.15 (Legacy
0x6197c0d4printer.device V53.1 
serial.device V54.1 
clipboard.device V53.3 
ahi.device V6.6 
rtl8169.device V53.4 
diskimage.device V53.4 
usbsys.device V53.12 
ehci.usbhcd V53.24 
ohci.usbhcd V53.21 
cfide.device V53.0 
sb600sata.device V53.20 
console.device V53.99 
ramdrive.device V52.6 
input.device V53.5 
keyboard.device V53.11 
timer.device V53.2

People are dying.
Entire ecosystems are collapsing.
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.
And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.
How dare you!
– Greta Thunberg
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