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SimpleMail 0.38 Released!
Not too shy to talk
2010/6/17 15:04
From Waterbury, Connecticut (USA)
Posts: 296

looks like the simplemail team has cranked out another release for the holiday season. according to their web page, the release changes for v0.38 includes:

* Applied a workaround to circumvent possible crashes with SSL IMAP connection on AmigaOS4

* Fixed a problem with IMAP login and passwords containing spaces

* Added a new "Complete mails" mode to IMAP folders. If this mode is enabled, complete emails are downloaded in the background rather than on demand. The mode can be changed within the folder settings, which can be brought up via menu entry "Folder/Options..."

* New progress monitor system. When a task is active, a progress overview is displayed in the status line. More details about pending tasks can be viewed by pressing the button next to the progress bar. Clients for this subsystem are currently only the IMAP subsystems that are responsible for downloading mail headers and complete mails.

* Live OS4 compiles of SimpleMail can be downloaded now from http://www.sebastianbauer.info/jenkins/job/SimpleMail/ Only the binary is distributed in this form at the moment, not the full archive. Note that version obtained from this location are considered as experimental for now and are no official release versions.

if you're not already using YAM, or need IMAP4 and HTML support in your amiga mail reader, check out simplemail!

-- eliyahu

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Re: SimpleMail 0.38 Released!
Home away from home
2007/5/19 14:23
From England
Posts: 3559
Good news! I will download when I am back in front of a computer...

Author of the PortablE programming language.
I love using Amiga OS4.1
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue...
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Re: SimpleMail 0.38 Released!
Just popping in
2007/12/10 23:22
Posts: 59
I was waiting for an update, as i know that they release one at the end of each year. It's a nice e-mail client, really. I don't think i will install this one since i don't use IMAP and neither recall what this is, so, there is no point for me to.

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Re: SimpleMail 0.38 Released!
Quite a regular
2010/3/28 15:03
From None
Posts: 705
Thank you, now I'm donwloading.

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