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Re: AmigaOS4.0 on PPC
Amigans Defender
2006/11/18 10:33
From Flinders NSW Australia
Posts: 772

here here i agree the amiga will never die not while we are around

things ARE going to get better soon real soon

Amiga is the heart and soul of computing nothing else comes close
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Re: AmigaOS4.0 on PPC
Just popping in
2006/12/2 9:16
Posts: 190
No I don't mind being edited or moderated I signed up to the Terms of Service like everyone else. Although I notice the Statement of Intent is still empty.

It might make it clearer if you had a list on there ( sorry to go offtopic you can delete it if you want ):

Support discussion about:

Amigas or emulated Amigas running Workbench 1.2,1.3,2.04,2.1

Support discussion about and technical support for:

Amigas or emulated Amigas running Workbench 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, 3.9

'Promote, support discussion about and technical support for:

Computers running AmigaOS 4.0

Support discussion about:

The future of the operating system beyond AmigaOS4.0

What is an Amiga?

Any hardware released and branded as an Amiga.

What is an emulated Amiga?

Any software that provides an environment on which a branded Amiga operating system installation can be run. e.g. WinUAE.

The court case is like a thunderstorm after a long humid summer.
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Re: AmigaOS4.0 on PPC
Quite a regular
2006/12/2 0:35
From Sydney
Posts: 688
I must have missed something here . Our first quarrel? Awwww!

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Re: AmigaOS4.0 on PPC
Not too shy to talk
2006/12/6 0:37
From Wellington
Posts: 298
Sorry to hear about your problems. As far as sourcing RAM for your A1 try http://www.amigakit.com/


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Re: AmigaOS4.0 on PPC
Just popping in
2006/11/30 13:56
From Adelaide Australia
Posts: 16
Dont worry, this is a new website and much of the information is still being added. Dont mind Athiest either, after the problems that have occured on other websites he is a little sensitive.
I miss the old Athiest, brimming with what seemed like an everfull font of enthusiasm, I hope now we have this website he can recapture that :)

BTW the "Zico" spec has long been abandoned. It was discovered to be too difficult and too expensive for what would be achieved so they went with Eyetech who bought the referance design of a "teron" PPC board by a company called MAI. They modified it and produced the A1 which came in SE, XE and Micro formats.

Apparently there was some problem with MAI and they went bankrupt or closed down or something leaving Eyetech without the chips required to build the boards.Since then we have not really heard anything from them, but people like ACK and Troikia, and more recently the SAM team have all had plans for a new board for us. Hardware has not looked this promising for some time, but none of it is available yet. Elbox has also advertise the construction of a "dragon" expansion board for the classic stuff that does not use PPC but rather a NG 68k processor. This will not be able to run OS4 at this point though, but it seems that it is compatible with some of the other boards Elbox is proposing and that these will work in concert allowing the use of AOS4. It is not hard to see how someone can get confused :)

To be honest, I am thinking about getting and old 1200 and PPC board if I ever get the disposeable cash.

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Re: AmigaOS4.0 on PPC
Just popping in
2006/12/5 20:56
Posts: 124
Yeah, I'd like to see it so I could afford to run AmigaOS4.

Family comes before spending hundreds and hundreds on my hobby.

So for now it's AmigaOS3.9.

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