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Re: MIDI keyboard
Just popping in
2006/11/24 14:19
From North Florida, near the big bend
Posts: 219

There is no way to tell.

clusters are between programs.
they do more than just inputs and outputs.

I have an audio mixer (hardware) in my studio. I control it from a bcr2000, and from a software mix window. and I have a master volume slider beside my keyboard.

a script on startup checks for which devices are connected, and each is connected to cluster "mix" as input AND output.

when I turn a physical knob on the bcr2000, the master volume changes in the mixer. the software mix window master slider also moves. the vmeter volume slider LEDs also move to reflect the change. everything stays in sync.

later I run a script that reconfigures all mixer channels. All the devices update in real time.

later I'm recording a tricky bit, and I want to automate it all. I record "mix" and it's all captured into a track of horny. later when I play it back, the mixer and all the controls come alive with the controls.

so, is cluster "mix" an input or an output? there's many sources and many listeners connected there.

at work.. I'll check in later


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Re: MIDI keyboard
Just can't stay away
2009/5/1 18:57
From Czech Republic
Posts: 1310

Thank you for the explanation. Having flipped through the docs, it seemed to me that it would work something like this but I wasn't sure.

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