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Re: Resolving issues
Just can't stay away
2006/11/24 18:52
From Gloucestershire, UK.
Posts: 1172

Yeah, that's the sort of thing I do at the moment.

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Re: Resolving issues
Home away from home
2007/9/11 12:31
From Russia
Posts: 6678
Lately we (we mean xenic) start some heavy cleanup of code by removing all our CALLBACK macroses which we introduce previously in porting process. Now, we get rid of it, to make code looks better, less hardder for understanding, less tricky and less "ifdefs" between all oses.

What it mean, is that changes related only to OS4 and MOS:

1. PPC versions of dopus5 (aos4 and lately mos) , will be not able to handle 68k modules.

While on first look it may looks like downgrade, it is not: by our tests in end we found that almost none 68k modules works normally, and some of them never will. Add to that, that the most important modules we already have as sources or integrated in dopus5 code itself. As of late we understand that for ppc verion of dopus5, 68k modules (that mean binaries version of modules of course only) anyway need to be or fixed, or ported, or blacklisted in dopus itself, so.. all that mess not worth of "some 68k module maybe someday will works", and we decide to make it all better and easy for everyone. PPC version use ppc modules, 68k version use 68k modules, and everything clean in the code itself.

2. Dopus5 for os4 (and lately mos) will be a little bit faster (even if it fast enough already, it always better to make it better).

So it all mean that changes are sensetive , and if some testers have time, will be good if you can go at dopus5.org , grab latest version and do test it.

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