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Re: Ban the uploader
Quite a regular
2006/11/24 17:14
Posts: 624

kas1e wrote:
:)) now i think its time to make a lawsuit :) Or repeat the same on 5 more pages :)

I fail to see what is funny about it. What is being discussed here is the fundamental disrespect for ownership/copyright. It seems to be a prevalent notion for some people that they are entitled to have/get something. That isn't the case. The author of a piece of software, unless he explicitly waives it, has all the rights to his work, and nobody else has the right to distribute his work without the author's permission.

Unfortunately, the predominant mindset seems to be that everything is free if it can be obtained from somewhere. That is not true. Nobody is entitled to get something if the author chose to withhold it, and only the author as the rights to upload his work unless he explicitly states otherwise.

Come on, folks. Show some respect.

Seriously, if you do want to contact me write me a mail. You're more likely to get a reply then.
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Re: Ban the uploader
Home away from home
2007/9/11 12:31
From Russia
Posts: 7346

I fail to see what is funny about it.

Funny is that we have nothing else to discuss. Funny is to see, how now that topic will be 10 or 100 pages of discussions about pirates, legality, intellectual property and all kind of stuff will be there. Funny to see, how ppls point a fingers "HE ! ITS HIM WHO UPLOAD IT ! WE CATCH HIM ! THAT HE WHO DO IT ! I KNOW IT !". Funny to see how that all stinks and show why we deserve small user base : because we will do EVERYTHING to not make life of users easy, but only harder. Funny is that we do not care about realms, but for first we care about yourself. Funny is that no one care about anything, just about yourself, and about who and how upload 1 or 2 apps. That all funny, really funny. And i do not know cry or laugh.

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Re: Ban the uploader
Not too shy to talk
2006/11/29 15:01
From Earth
Posts: 257
Ok i've heard enough, as an end user i have to rely on deveolpers/coders/porters hard work and dedication to the Amiga and AOS4. I am very grateful that they do that work and will continue to support their efforts as affordably as i can. I am also aware that the Amiga fraternity prides itself on respect for an indivduals work and their copyright, i do not wish to see a situation where developers/coders etc. decide that their efforts are being cheapened/ or marginalised by impatient people who cannot or will not wait for the finished article. I agree with Rogue, there is no justification for anyone interfering in anothers work without their explicit consent.

A1XEG4 PPC 7457 1.3GHz
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Re: Ban the uploader
Quite a regular
2006/11/28 11:18
From Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Posts: 759
I don't want to argue, but what is the stance of software when "no company seems to own it" and "the author is no longer among us" (it's already been mentioned, and I don't know how to word it more tactfully).

Computing isn't as "new" as it used to be. There are THOUSANDS of abandoned programs with no instructions as to "their fates".

Should "Space Invaders" be gone, if the initial coder is, say, past 90 y/o?

This has to be discussed with some agreement to be reached.

On a personal note: I've written software before and have started writing some software about a month ago (in DarkBASIC, go ahead and laugh), again.... it is NOT easy. It's exhausting, relaxing, annoying, and deeply personal, and addictive. I do feel like it's a part of me, because although the result of everyone's code is nearly the same, the approach taken can be quite different (mind you, there are a limited amount of ways to achieve anything, nonetheless). However, it is YOUR time invested in making the item in question, after all, why not just sit around and wait for someone else to make it?.... and you didn't see anyone else doing it, if it was so important, right?

Songs, movies and books come and go, but are also subject to ownership too, however certain software MUST be made, and it has to be of the highest quality. These people must be respected and paid accordingly.

Until you've written some software yourself, you just don't have a clue about what I'm saying.

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Whoah!!! He spoke, a bit late.
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Re: Ban the uploader
Supreme Council
2006/11/16 19:25
From Sweden
Posts: 3227
To sum up before I lock this useless topic:

1. If you don't want anyone else to replace your file on OS4Depot, use a passphrase.

2. If you don't want someone else to cross upload your files from your website, state on said website that you don't want people to cross upload it.

3. If a file that you don't want uploaded to OS4Depot ends up there anyway, then use the contact form to get in touch with the OS4Depot admins. Make sure you provide some form of identification, contact email or whatever. Any anonymous request will be ignored.

4. Grow the fuck up.

Vacca foeda. Sum, ergo edo

Mr Bobo Cornwater
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