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More Odyssey questions
Quite a regular
2006/11/27 14:24
From Scarfskerry
Posts: 589
There are a few undocumented parts of Odyssey that over the years I have wondered about, I now wonder if some of these may be causing problems.

Settings -> content.

What is the Cache Model and does it make any difference to what you set it to. Which should be used, Primary Web Browser, Document Browser or Document Viewer, I guess the former - but what is this option for or is it just superfluous ?

The Allow Plugins option is disabled, but it is not in the individual URL Settings Window. The only Plugin seems to be Dummy anyway. Sometimes the Scripts have been referred to as plugins, are they different or can they be exchanged for another ?

Settings -> Privacy.

What is "local storage" ? It does not appear to be a cache but many numerous files that seem to have no purpose that I can see of. Are these files of any use or do they just slow Odyssey down when the folder gets too big ?

Why do we have webpageicons.db which seems to store every favicon that Odyssey comes across. Surely only those needed by your bookmarks need to be saved. Is there any real point in having this file and just store the favicons that Odyssey actually uses.

Enable Autofill - very useful but see my other post about having the ability to edit it or just delete unwanted entries.

Scripts. How are these used, is it possible to create your own to alter invisible or badly formed CSS or bypass certain javascript functions that may cause DSIs in Odyssey ? How does Odyssey integrate a script in to a web page ?

No doubt I'll think of more questions later !


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Re: More Odyssey questions
Just popping in
2006/11/27 19:41
From Poland
Posts: 67

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Re: More Odyssey questions
Not too shy to talk
2010/1/22 20:03
Posts: 386

I have one more question.
How can I fix the size and position of the window ?



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Re: More Odyssey questions
Not too shy to talk
2006/12/5 22:11
From Lecco, Italy
Posts: 313
if you are speaking about Odyssey window you can set size and
position like any other MUI window

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