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Re: Assigned: ReAction menu.class project
Just can't stay away
2006/12/1 18:01
From Copenhagen, Denmark
Posts: 1248
It's a neat idea, makes for an almost pure recursive design.

But then there's also the flip side of recursion: making sure you stop the recursion when needed. In this case there are the limits in the underlying menus; only one level of submenus, number of items (is it 20 max?) etc. Will it give too much trouble and mess up your "clean" design too much to have to enforce those limits in a homogenous population of objects all alike?

Just a thought ...

Best regards,


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Re: Assigned: ReAction menu.class project
Just can't stay away
2009/5/1 18:57
From Czech Republic
Posts: 1299

I would be inclined to impose no limits in the design itself (so as to allow free extension), but I'd of course make the class cater for the current limitations. For example, when adding a submenu beyond the depth limit the instantiation will fail.

There is a small problem with applying the recursive design to the existing menu system. Although the menu is essentially a tree-like hierarchical structure, Gadtools utilized the current limitation (low depth) to represent the menu strip in a linear fashion instead - as a sequence of data structures. So if the class adopts the recursive design, the resulting object hierarchies will need to get translated to the linear sequence of NewMenus. There will be a plenty of food for thought I'm sure

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