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AmiPDF questions & wishes
Just can't stay away
2009/2/9 19:32
From Brussels Belgium
Posts: 1121
I did build a Gui4CLI Gui helping me to "browse" through a big "linear" .pdf file. ( a course on fysiology with numerous images)
It has limitations mainly because AmiPDF's lack of an arexx port
As it is i can load a given page (selected from the content list), but i have to close manually, to avoid having a big number of pages open at the same time

1. Questions about the template

AmiPDF has the following template, of which i dont'find any explanation
12.Amiga OS 4:C> sys:utilities/Amipdf/amipdf ?

What is PSLEVEL1 & what is default ?
Can somebody give me some examples how to use the ZOOM option (e.g fit width, fit page), the acceptable values for paper width & height (hopefully loading the page at preset zoom value)

2. Wishes for AmiPDF template
It would be also most interesting to have a ROTATE option., to open a page directly in a readable positio.

3. Wishes for an arexx port
Finally having an arexx port allowing to change pages, zoom setting and having a quit possibility would be grand.

Other existing manual commands are welcome too of course

The possibility to extract (visually rectangularly delineated) parts of a pdf document as text is much appreciated, especially with multicolumn documents.
A full (2 column) document is well transformed with SaveAsText menu too.

A small wish would then be to be able to just transform only a given (one or 2 column) page (or a number of successive pages) to a text file
Is it possible to extract images (say with adobe reader) without having to select them (as with SGrab) ? Would be nice too for images not taking up a whole page.

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