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GuideML 3.13 (now 3.14) released
Amigans Defender
2006/11/17 22:40
From England
Posts: 3240
I just released GuideML 3.13, the AmigaGuide to HTML converter originally by Richard K?rber, which I have been updating since what feels like forever.

New features added to 3.12/3.13 (the first new release in two years) include:
* Links between AmigaGuides now work correctly[1]
* Links that reference line numbers now work[1]
* Macros now supported (this was requested a long time ago, but I've only just got round to it)
* Added @font and @{amigaguide}

There are very few remaining AmigaGuide attributes left, and most of those can't easily be translated to HTML (such as @tab and @{bg shine} - might be possible with CSS but I can't work it out at the moment, if you can help on this please post below!)

Feature requests (including unsupported AmigaGuide attributes that you need) and bug reports can be posted in this thread.

[1] Erm, except in single file HTML mode probably - it's on my list.

Edited by Chris on 2008/5/11 1:00:56
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Re: GuideML 3.13 released
Just popping in
2008/3/1 9:53
Posts: 138

Thanks :)

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GuideML 3.14 released
Amigans Defender
2006/11/17 22:40
From England
Posts: 3240
v3.14 fixes the single file HTML mode, if you use this MAKE SURE YOU UPGRADE!

It also has a couple of other minor fixes/changes.

I'll probably leave it alone now for a year or so until another requirement comes along, as tradition dictates.


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