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Re: help for programs that use SDL

Subject: Re: help for programs that use SDL
by white on 2021/5/3 19:35:01

Thanks for the reply,
Yes I am using winuae and obviously there are limitations and differences from the real hardware.
But I wouldn't want to get the settings wrong or I could use some tricks in managing multiple applications at the same time if they exist to improve this problem by asking you who are experts in 4.1FE amigaos.

An example is this:
I use E-UAE together with ScummVM at this point the two applications slow down a lot if instead I close one of the two applications everything goes back to being fast.
I am aware that there is no point in using the two applications together.
But the problem I would always like to solve if it is possible
Is it possible to make the two applications work together without slowing down?
This would help me manage the system much better
Always if it is possible to do so.
Thanks again for any advice.

I report here again a small video to explain myself more fully
here I am using three applications together:
odyssey streaming (AIO)


everything works perfectly but I am aware that if I open an application like scummVM the system will slow down a lot not because the processor cannot manage a fourth application but because it simply calls into question another application that conflicts with E-UAE
Could I improve this situation somehow?

here instead another example in reality the applications slow down because they conflict with each other using for example together SDL:


Thanks and sorry again if I could solve this I would take a big step forward in making the system fast.

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