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Re: Dopus 5.92 betatest

Subject: Re: Dopus 5.92 betatest
by kas1e on 2019/5/17 8:41:40


What's new/fixed in 5.92?

Not that much, but there is:

- all: Added copying of directory dates when Environment/Copy settings have 'DateStamp' selected. Dopus5 can now copy directory dates in addition to file dates.

- all: Added default directory (Dopus5:) to configopus filetype editor icon requester and conversion of relative paths to absolute paths in configopus filetype editor. That fixes the problem of a user accidently saving a relative icon path that will not be found by the Dopus5 program.

- os4: Fixed standard drag routine so it no longer crashes on debug kernel (so bug general, just catched on os4 , so fix fits for all platforms).

- os4: Fixed illegal memory access by a removed list node that caused an OS4 DSI crash with the OS4.1FE debug kernel when using functions like Copy or Parent (so also general and also fits for all platforms).

- os4: Fixed illegal memory access when Dopus5 is quit while a xadopus window is open or if the lister that a xadopus lister is started from is closed before the xadopus window is closed (also fits for all platforms).

- all: New catalogs: German, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and Greek.

And bunch of morphos only fixes to make first release for morphos version (which isn't fully done at moment sadly):

- mos: crash in configopus.module when choice palette (palette slider which was not trapped)
- mos: dont execute WBStartup if Ambient is running
- mos: read.module: added mouse wheel support
- mos: add proper PNG icons support in MorphOS
- mos: added selection effect (same as Ambient default)

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