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Re: How to boot DOpus automatically

Subject: Re: How to boot DOpus automatically
by nbache on 2015/4/12 22:59:23


I always had the idea that all one could do was remove parentheses; I assumed adding would be impossible -- it wouldn't be detected.
Tooltypes in parentheses are inactive and are never read by the program. Listing them in the icon is just a service and a good practice from the programmer as a guide to the user. But they are not required to be there, nor is there a requirement that all valid tooltypes should be present in the icon (with or without parentheses).

The documentation of a program is always the best guide to which tooltypes can be used.

But by golly, DONOTWAIT works!
DONOTWAIT is a special case. It is a standard tooltype used by Workbench, not by the program itself. Whenever a program is started by Workbench' startup, if the DONOTWAIT tooltype is not present, the startup will block until the program has ended. So if you want to start a program which should keep running in the background (like e.g. a commodity), you should always set the DONOTWAIT tooltype (or remove the tick in the "Wait until finished" box, if that is present in the icon - those two ways are equivalent).

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