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Re: Resolving issues

Subject: Re: Resolving issues
by Deniil on 2015/11/20 8:29:58


Yes, I wasn't home when I wrote the example so forgot that {u} isn't an option. But the bug is that the commandline is often not complete if more than one {} option is used.

Example (I'm not home so I make things up here):
{f} = dh0:dir/file
{F} = file
{d} = dh1:otherdir

Now use all these in an AmigaDOS command line like this:
echo "mypath={f} the file={F} output={d}/{F}"

The result in the output window should be
mypath=dh0:dir/file the file=file output=dh1:otherdir/file

But because of this bug the result is more like this:
mypath=dh0:dir/file the file= output=


If you right-click and quickly drag your mouse up or down before the menu pops up, the list scrolls (too fast), if it is longer than the display. This is a very practical feature that DOpus4 also has, but in Magellan it is too fast on hi-res screens because it probably calculates how fast to scroll based on pixel distance (which is much greater on hi-res screens).

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