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Re: Dopus5 Format command

Subject: Re: Dopus5 Format command
by xenic on 2014/12/31 23:06:42

I didn;t realise the set command was so embedded in the whole environment.

The problem is that all of the configuration items are contained in one huge C structure that is saved directly from memory to an IFF file using iffparse.library. The configuration gets loaded from the IFF file into memory that is assigned to the huge C structure where individual items can be accessed. You can't load or save individual config items. It may have originally seemed like a good idea because the code needed to do it that way is small and fast. However, the format of the configuration is locked in to the format of the C structure, which is why Dopus5 is full of code for converting 12 generations of config changes. If they had taken the time to write code to save the config items individually into a text file or XML file, it would have been easier and worked better in the long run.

A word of warning to all Dopus5 users: When I finish this update it and commit it, you won't be able to use any config files that are saved from the new overnight compile version in any previous versions of Dopus5. However, backups for the affected config files will be saved in the Dopus5 directories.

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