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Re: Dopus5 Format command

Subject: Re: Dopus5 Format command
by xenic on 2014/12/12 18:02:36

Would it be easy to add a Format entry to settings/scripts and have that default to sys:system/format for the PPC configuration?

I think that's possible but a user can always change the script settings. My concern is safety and I want to eliminate the possibility of overwriting an OS4 disk bootblock with an OS2 bootblock.

I don't think switching the Dopus5 Format command to use the system Format command will be a problem for users that have installed Dopus5 as a Workbench replacement. The system Format windows will open on the Dopus screen. However, people using Dopus5 as a file manager on it's own screen will inconvenienced by having the Format window pop up on the Workbench screen. I can force the initial Format windows to open on a Dopus5 screen but the final "Are you sure" requester is out of my control and will still pop up on the Workbench screen. I think it's worth the inconvenience to be sure your disks don't get trashed by old formatting.

I'm planning on adding a feature request at the Hyperion forums to have a "PUBSCREEN" option added to the Format command so it can be used by file manages running on a seperate screen. I don't know when or if that might be done but it wouldn't hurt for anyone with influence to lobby the OS4 devs for such a change.

I will let you know here when I've committed the changes and they are available in the overnight compile. I want to do some more testing first.

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