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Thank Whoever for recovery disks!

Subject: Thank Whoever for recovery disks!
by kilaueabart on 2014/6/30 3:29:15

I'm very happy to see this new forum. I'll probably be bothering it a lot, but I will try to get through the manual once before posting again.

Yesterday I renamed C:LoadWB to LoadWB-old, moved a copy of LoadDB in and renamed it appropriately. Rebooted, and up came DOpus5 just as I had hoped and assumed. But there was also an alert, informing me that DOpus5 seemed to be running already, and advising me not to run it again. I naturally took the advice, but I was/am puzzled why it thought I wanted to run it a second time.

Then I remembered (maybe, remembering is not one of my surviving talents) that going through Epsilon's writeups on DOpus5, I had added a DOpus5: assign to User-startup. Today I changed it to ";assign [etc.]" and rebooted. Permanent black "Amiga OS4.1" screen!

Thank Whoever for recovery disks!

I removed the semi-colon and rebooted and there was that nice DOpus screen again. But something is different. L-Amiga^N got me to a Workbench screen, sort of, with the alert about not running a second instance of DOpus, which I of course canceled. Now all I have to do is figure out why Workbench still (sort of) comes up, as the main (L-A^N) screen, and why it has my dockies, diskLED, CPUInfo, and LimpidClock still on it.

I think I can probably figure that out myself. Tomorrow.

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