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Re: DOpus5 frustration

Subject: Re: DOpus5 frustration
by kas1e on 2014/6/22 5:51:50

Dopus5 is for those who want to dig in into details and setup it for their needs. Its come with some preinstalled default options , but they pure , very basic, and just to have something to start with. If you want to use it normaly, you need to understand basics of dopus (and dopus4, and dopus5).

On pure workbench opening of pdf via dbl-click works because some one (os4 devs) setup for you by default deficons to open pdf files via apfd, but for dopus5 there is no default settings for pdf, you need to set that filetype yourself and choice with what app you want to open it (apdf, qpdf, whatever else). You need to spend some time to congiure dopus5 as you need.

There is too many in dopus5 about all of this to explain it in that post, so better dig in and play with it. But, in brief, you can:

1). use filetype sniffer and setup filetype and co same as you do in dopus4. filetype sniffer just help you with it. And that what starts by default when you dbl-click on unknown for dopus5 filetype (you can disable filetype sniffer of course in dopus5 settings).
2). not use filetype sniffer, but just go to filetypes menu and do same as you do in dopus4: i.e. manually setup filetype you need.
3). right click over file and choice "open with" where choice your pdf reader (later it will be remembered, and when you will do "openwith" again, there will be your apdf).

And probably there is more option. But if you can't deal even with dopus4, then probably you better stick with DM2 imho. Dopus5 are beast, and if you have such problems with basics, you will have more frustration with dopus5 for sure.

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