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DOpus5 frustration

Subject: DOpus5 frustration
by kilaueabart on 2014/6/22 4:02:58

I've been using DiskMaster--DM2 for a quarter of a century. When OS4 included DirectoryOpus, I gave it a couple of tries as a possible replacement, but I couldn't figure out what the icons in the Toolbar meant, so I went back to DM2.

When this announcement came up I downloaded and installed what I assume is version 5.90. And I started through the manuals to see how to work it. I was looking at the manuals via Workbench. Neat; all I had to do was click on the Dopus5 icon in my Apps drawer, and there is a Documents icon which lets me at Dopus55.pdf, which opens automatically and legibly. The possibility of the program's use as a Workbench replacement was very interesting.

After reading the manual for a while, I got the idea that it might make sense to read it from the actual DOpus window, and be able to see what it was talking about, so I tried it, clicking on the Apps icon in on the DOpus screen, and then on "DOpus55.pdf." And up comes a "Directory Opus Request" rather than a text file, saying "The file 'DOpus55.pdf' could not be identified. Launch Filetype Sniffer to investigate?"! I gave it the go-ahead, and was told, "There is a filetype installed which matches the selected file. Do you wish to use [it] ...?" Whatever that means.

No obviously better option, so I click "Use" and find myself back where I started. "Aha!" I think. "I should just select the file 'DOpus55.pdf' and then click 'Read' in the command box!" Sure, if I want to read hex!

What the heck is going on?

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