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Re: First native betas of dopus5, check this out !

Subject: Re: First native betas of dopus5, check this out !
by kas1e on 2013/10/14 10:02:16

New version for today contain a lot of new stuff (if you already download it today, redownload, as i rebuild it hour ago).

What in it:

-- removed Sound Module filstype used to play .mods, as it uses obsolete inovamusic.library which bang hw. Anyone who worry about .mods, of course will seteup their preffered music players.

-- new picture filetype from jPV : all images opens now via datatypes in multiview, as well as in rmb menu in lister for images added option "set as background"

-- "extended lister key selection" enabled by default. It allows you to type words in lister to find correct file. I.e. not just per single first letters, but by whole word.

-- added etnry "Split", to the lister's menu (as it only logical to have it together with "join").

-- added 3 more new filetypes sfrom jPV called "All files, All Directory and Version". That bring a lot (really a lot) of new and good stuff to handle directories and files. It added new entries to the menu when you select directory and press RMB (Get Size, Find File), as well as when you select a file and press RMB it have also new entries like: Duplicate, SmartRead (its filetype sniffer), Edit, Version and Open with XAD.

-- To lister's menu added entry "clone lister" (right at top). So for those who "very much dopus4 still" it can be easy to open a new lister on the same place, and do things like you do in dopus4.

-- font setting done right (still topaz by default, but to be seens how reuse normal fonts by default on all 4 oses). I.e. now names of icons and co all visibly normally on any backgrounds.

-- another 2 good features added to toolbar of lister: on makedir button you have more functionality now, if you press on it as LBM, it will be makedir. If you press on it RMB, then it will reacts as "create new file". And if you will press on it via middle mouse button, then it will do "Assign". Visually all looks good, with necessary images and co (which was done by Mason again).

As well as temporary fix those 2 problems about which Severin told (we reuse old Dopus5rt binary until proper port of it done, as well as configopus.module are free of null-pointer bug, which we also need to find and to fix).

Pluse as it told, title bar now looks good, and not ugly. The only problem is that "clock" now didn't works as need it, and instead we just add it to the end of title bar buffer, which make it disappear most of time, so its in TODO.

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