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Re: First native betas of dopus5, check this out !

Subject: Re: First native betas of dopus5, check this out !
by xenic on 2013/10/6 19:14:06

O.K. I must have misunderstood your first post. Since we added OS4 binary recognition the "binary.filetype" should be removed. I tested Dopus5 and double-clicked "Media ToolBox" in a lister and it works as it should:
If your are in "Lister - Name Mode Display" mode then it opens an argument requester when you double-click a program.
If you are in "Lister - Name Mode Display" mode then it runs a program as a WorkBench program when you double-click a program.

The internal command needs to check if there is an icon and wbrun it if there is.

No it should not. Not everybody uses Dopus5 in the same way as you do. I do my programming on a Dopus screen. When I want to test if the program is responding correctly to command line arguments, I double-click on the program in a lister, enter arguments and start program. If I want to run a program with arguments that are different than the Tooltypes in the icon, I double-click it in a lister. I've owned Dopus since the day it was commercially releasd and for me the double-click execution of programs in the ported Dopus5 is working the way it always did.

Most modern programs accept Tooltypes from icons AND AmigaDOS command line arguments. Starting them from Workbench by double-clicking on them is just one option. I start all my Internet programs (which have icons) from a script with AmigaDOS arguments. In a shell enter "Media Toolbox" ? and you will see the command line arguments.

If you run Dopus5 in "Lister - Icon Mode Display" mode then clicking on "Media Toolbox" will run in icon mode. If you are running Dopus5 in "Lister-Name Mode Display" then it will ask for arguments. When you start a program in "Name Mode" from a shell it looks for arguments, but if you double-click a program on WorkBench it checks the icon for Tooltypes. It's basically the same as using Dopus5 listers in "Name Mode" or "Icon Mode".

It's NOT a bug. If double clicking "Media Toolbox" in a lister does not open the arguments requester and then run the program when you click "OK" then something must be wrong with your filetypes. It works for me. If you want Dopus5 to work the way you want it to, then use the filetype you mentioned.

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