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Re: Anyone Tried Compiling the latest WebKit?

Subject: Re: Anyone Tried Compiling the latest WebKit?
by kas1e on 2020/5/17 18:38:36


Please do so.

Probabaly 50% of adtools reports are there already for:

Half of them about all kind of errors "not a member of ‘std’" , and some failing cases of "std:xxx" tests. They fall the same and for clib2, and for newlib.

But no one know when newlib will be released, so that also can't help much and those who want to base some big project on, should probabaly consider clib2 instead anyway.

You really didn't get a point. Point is anything which is closed sources , be it called hyperion, execsg team, amiga20004040040 mean no real progress can be made, because its not open sourced, and not everyone can works/test it, and what is most important no one know when it will be released.

As for SDK, noone works on it right now. I never see any sign of live about it in last year or more. So, forget it as well.

Seeing history of fixes for kernel, and that none of them was fixed when bugs was reported, but after year(s), it mean it still unpossible to do anything good by this way.

The only way to progress, its use all opensource components (clib2, adtools, 3d party libs), and when time come to something closed source, trying to workaround it as much as possible ,without needs to ask for fixes in kernel, or anywhere else which may never be released.

I do not know if there will be any sane person willing to spend their time on something, and in end meet a wall calling "soon to be fixed, just wait". Naah, deals can't be done like this. If one want browser, it mean everything should be open as maximum as possible, and someone in charge who will help should be adequaete enough to shift prioritizes. There should be just some person(s) willing to do things adequate, fast, with everyday works.

We already report a bug Jadacaps found, which need to be fixed : https://github.com/sba1/adtools/issues/82

Did you see anyone even asking anything about ?:) I am not. So how we can progress ?

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