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Re: Anyone Tried Compiling the latest WebKit?

Subject: Re: Anyone Tried Compiling the latest WebKit?
by Hans on 2020/5/17 3:45:05


Since nobody else seems to be doing it, I decided to try compiling WebKit myself. Well, just JavaScriptCore. I didn't get it to build, but the exercise was useful in figuring out what we need. Here's what I found:

1. We need our C/C++ stdlib headers to be brought up-to-date with the latest standard. Especially cmath. Newlib is missing multiple functions (log2(), asinh(), etc.).
2. Newlib also has gaps in its POSIX compliance. It's missing basics such as tzset()**
3. A whole bunch of dependencies need to be ported or brought up-to-date. JavaScriptCore relies on libicu v60.2+. WebKit also needs Harfbuzz, and a bunch of others
4. Source/WTF/ needs AmigaOS specific code. Some things can be deferred till later, because they're only needed for the Javascript JIT compiler. Other things, are needed now (e.g., we have no sys/mman.h, and a cryptographic source of randomness)
5. WebCore has a smattering of platform-dependent code elsewhere (i.e., they haven't managed to keep all platform-dependent code in WTF)

So, as with jacadcaps' MorphOS port, we need multiple people to work on updating various system components, the SDK, and libraries.

We really need a browser update, so I hope there are willing volunteers. I'm happy to pass on my AmigaOS *.cmake files to anyone who wants to work on WebKit. Just contact me via email.


** Clib2 probably has gaps too. At least, last time I tried switching from newlib to clib2 I encountered problems. Newlib is my preference, anyway.

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