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Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub
by Hans on 2020/3/5 9:06:08

Yeah, i find that one too, but it use cairo_glx_device_create() which mean Xwindow (at least from the Cairo's code i can see it use all sort of glx + xwindow calls) , and anything for EGL is out as well, as Huno's EGL library are work in progress and pretty beta-aplha, as well as its not just "egl", but some combo of everything inside called egl-library (and it based on gl4es, which based on ogles2, which based on warp3dnova, so surely no go for a browser).

Besides, the problem remain that it need Odyssey rewrite in terms of cairo code to support it all.

We'd basically need a cairo_agl_device_create() for AmigaOS, and then we'd need to change Odyssey to use it. It won't be a complete rewrite. Changes would be needed where the Cairo context is setup, copied to screen, and destroyed.

Realisticaly we need to write out own warp3dnova-cairo backend, and after that rewrite Cairo code in ODyssey. But that again users without radeonHD/RX out of luck. And something make me thing its all not worth of hassle. I mean, too much time and resources should be spend on, and better in this case start with new browser from scratch and don't use Cairo at all anymore.

Agreed. If we're going to write a new backend, then we're better off writing it for WebKit directly. Basically, it would turn HTML+CSS into a set of textures, vertex arrays, constants, and render operations that then get passed on to Warp3D Nova.


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