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Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23: AOS4 source code on GitHub
by kas1e on 2020/3/3 10:31:50


twice, ¿typo?

Yeah surely typo, thanks


but maybe having a newer version of webkit and some serious bugfixes is more crucial right now, what do you think?

Updating of core is a big and hardwork, and i do not know up to which revision we can update with current source code base without too much rewrite. So don't hold the hopes.

But crashes should be fixed in current version, because they will make things only worse with or without updated core.


From my side, I will start working on a development environment based on docker, which will be able to compile Odyssey out of the box. I will surely need help from you

Waste of time IMHO. Because you always will be in need to be in sync with odyssey's SDK files and with actual code. And your image always will be outdated.

Probably it only will be good to have some image with just installed adtools, and then let the developers download the repo from GitHub ourselves (and not the only odyssey's one, but anything else they need). But that not very much related to odyssey itself then.

If someone can't build it now with all the GitHub code and how-to, then contribute from those ppls is not welcome then as they will contribute a shit. No need to spend time on things that any adequate user (even not developer) can do already.


Have you tried using the cairo-gl backend? We have GL4ES etc., so we should be able to use it now. And, it would be our best bet to moving rendering to the GPU. Writing a new backend would take some time...

"moving rendering to the GPU" without DMA ?:)

From our tests with warp3dnova/ogles/gl4es , SDL2, DOSBOX, and compositing in all our projects, the current conclusion is that compositing always faster than gl4es/nova/ogles/minigl whatever. And that not even about DMA, but just probably because OpenGL is a more massive thing and need more to initialize just for some simple things. Also, have too many layers between not very helpful too. If there should be "rendering to the GPU", it should be then warp3dnova backend for Cairo, but then again no_dma.

Taking the same no-DMA situation, but on compositing, always faster from all the tests than non-DMA on OpenGL, which always hit 100% CPU and busy everything when uploading textures and whatever else it does internally.

Also, gl4es/ogles2 works not everywhere, while compositing everywhere.

In other words, IMHO, until GL things will not have DMA we out of luck. And that DMA thing may not happens ever if we will wait while Steven and co be done with it in the kernel to be able to use new functions for. And even then, all the users without RadeonHD/RX out of luck.

Yes, writing compositing backend will take time sure, but it will work everywhere. And we will not limit users without Radeon HD/RX cards. And in compare with "Wait when new kernel will properly support DMA, then wait when radeon drivers will support Dma, then wait when graphics.lirbary will be updated to support dma, then wait when os4 update will be released, then wait when aeon will release update" - in compare with that, writing of compositing backend to the cairo will be a best possible way. Or even not for cairo, but just for mediaplayer parts.

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