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Re: fastfix for 1.23

Subject: Re: fastfix for 1.23
by kas1e on 2014/5/5 13:07:39

Will have a look later at it.

Uploaded new version on os4depot (r3).

New in r3 in compare with r2 release:

-- registered via application.library (which mean odyssey will have all tasty bonuses in future from OS).
-- added tasty ringhio notifications for downloads (download, abort and fail)
-- added support of os4's urlopen as default and openurl as fallback.
-- change "Amiga" on "Macintosh" in the user agent back , as it was originally on morphos. So sites which think that Amiga are mobile, will works in full mode by default now (like google.com for example).
-- fixed few minor typos in About box
-- fixed long-standing and problematic bug : locale agnostic accept-language headers. Before (since first 1.9 port), it was just all the time EN. So, all the locale-agnostic sites you visit always was in English by default. Now, depends on what your prefs:locale settings is, odyssey will produce correct accept-language header , as it was on morphos since 1.2 version. Also it was improved further for os4 port: added priority options as described in RFC (more sites will detect langauges properly), as well as priority list of locales in your prefs:locale are taken in account when constructed priorities values in accept-language header.
-- updated till latest (6.18 at moment) codeset.library

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