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Re: fastfix for 1.23

Subject: Re: fastfix for 1.23
by kas1e on 2014/3/21 11:00:56

Ok guys and lads good news: when i build 7.28.1 (in the same way of course 1:1 as i build 7.34.0) : ignore SSL errors option works, and both Billie's and zzd10h links works (with enabled ignore SSL errors option of course, as without for zzd10h link i have "peer certificate cannot be authenticated with give CA certificates" and with Billie's link have "ssl peer certificate or SSH remote key was not ok")

The differences which i see between 7.28.1 inbuild in oddyse and 7.34.0 inbuild in odyssey is that:

on zzd10h link all reacts the same, just ignore SSL errors did the trick on 7.28.1, and do nothing on 7.34.0.

on billie's link when we connect with 7.28.1 it says "ssl peer certificate or ssh remote key was not ok" , and when do ignore ssl erros all fine, while, on 7.34.0 ignore SSL errors didn't works.

In other words, with 7.34.0 seems some other changes should be done in the odyssey (imho).

I can of course build odyssey with 7.28.1 , but do not know how right is it, as it year of commits between. Through 7.28.1 already tested enough on morphos, so why not in end..

As another brutal and crappy idea, i can just build all versions of libcurl between 7.28.1 and 7.34.0 to find out when ignore ssl options stop works, then check changed log of curl, and found roots


What you think, should i just release it with 7.28.1 where ignore ssl errors works fine, or, should we still use 7.34.0 and found what wrong ? (as i say i build both the same way 1:1, same configure line, same changes, etc).

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