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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2014/1/29 8:09:34


Is it normal practice to disable debug (even in the Linux community) before uploading dev libs to a repo? Personally I'd prefer the symbols be left in.

Everyone do as they wish even on linux, but they mostly have "debug" and "release" in configures, so for release they strip debug symbols always.

As for debug symbols in ffmpeg, imho, you not need it there, as it mean to be "release" version where all works, and if some binary crashes for someone, then he add -gstabs for his binary, and can check where it crashes (till ffmpegs functions, of course). And then, if crash starts in ffmpeg, 3d party dev imho will not need to have debug symbols in ffmpeg itself, as if he can fix ffmpeg then he can build debug version later himself for test. But imho no one will go fixing ffmpeg if there will be bugs, so release version of them imho better as size will be much smaller, but result is the same.

That all not big deal in general, just 70mb of ffmpeg library its a bit huge :)


In the past I've been told by Orgin that he doesn't like multiple versions of the same software/libs on OS4Depot. I know libjpeg6b (and to an extent e-uae) is an exception. You or I could ask about libpng12, and you could upload your port as libpng12.lha

Yep, i assume we need ask Orgin again, and explain why we need those 2 exceptions.

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