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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress: r5 beta07

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress: r5 beta07
by kas1e on 2020/5/21 7:48:46

Change the preference that much only because of new mouse buttons will be too much imho :) That all need very carefull plannng and stuff, maybe later ?


Is it possible in the future to have some kind of update feature in the browser?

Of course not :) Its extra work for nothing. Its not like Odyssey is something which someone will update all the time and work on it without stop for years :) Holding some "update" server which will have other issues on which need to spend time, etc. In our realms it make no sense. Its just now there motivation to update all the 3d party libs, and fix some bad issues.

Then there will be work on bring core of 1.25 version from aros and add on top all what we do for 1.23 later (if motivation still will be there), and then _maybe_ something about new WebKit, if, there will be someone doing work for clib2 (maybe newlib also, but clib2 preffered), gcc and co.

So worrying now about features which is not essintial in compare with all stuff i describe make no big sense. Besides last 10 years show that everything which have those "network updates", soon or later have no updates at all :)

Spending time and adding all that related crap about "networks updates" make no sense, knowing it will be soon or later of no use.

Add to this that i personally hate network updates, because they always give issues of all sort all the time, on all computers.


My MUI nightly expired tonight ... and starting OWB without it crashed the browser at startup

Wasn't it fixed lately ? At least when there is good mui it starts, and when there expired mui it starts. Or you compiletely remove MUI and then it crash ? I.e. no muimaster.library and co ? Or you remove some components of mui while keep other ones ? (mistakes from users can't be fixed, of course).

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