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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2020/5/19 18:24:43


Very Nice! Is there a way we can donate to Javier for his hard work?

I not sure which one he had, so hope he can clear it soon.


When I first installed and ran beta 07, the spoofing was set to an old outdated browser by default. I think it was "Internet Explorer 8". Could this be changed to Odyssey Browser?

Oh damn, that was me setting it as default for tests, and then just added to release archive my changed conf file :( I update it so Odyssey is default as before, and reupload archive on the same place, plz redownload.


2. It would be nice if the selected default or selected spoofing in the preferences were reflected in the spoofing menu. For example, I set Odyssey Web Browser in the preferences but the spoofing menu still shows default settomg as selected instead of Odyssey Web Browser. If this were done then default settings entry could be eliminated from the spoofing menu or changed as I mention in item 3.

To say truth i never understand the current behaviour as well. It's the same unlogical in IBrowse (or i maybe miss the logic behind ?). That should be done as you say, surely, and that how i always expect it to be too , just weren't sure is it me or what :)

I mean, why there at all "deafult setting" entry in spoofing menu, if the same "deafult" are on top :) And now it even can be set in menu. Yes, that "default setting" should gone from menu, and selected default should just reflects in the spoofing menu.


3. Is OWB_USER_AGENT environment variable effected by these changes or is it still available to use. If it's available, and item 2 is implemented, then maybe that selection could be changed to "Use Environment Variable". Not to important as with these changes it might not be necessary to use anymore.

That one do not know, test it plz if it still works. It need to be work anyway, because some ppls use it.


Thanks for the new beta 07, and your great work.

Redownload it plz, as there was some bad default for spoofing mistakenly set. I fixed it in archive, but you need to redownload it from the same place.

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