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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2020/3/13 18:14:23


Sorry i meant first beta

Oh, then there we swap from gcc 4.4.3 to 8.3.0. And that as we can see can bring issues which was hided by luck in 4.4.3 (like one Hans fix before with trashed "conf" part). Probably, we need at first clean all the warnings of the amiga-gui code (there are a looot of all sorts)


the others only need configure and make with no special amiga-changes :)
atleasr If i understand correctly. the hard part remained is just updating to latest cairo :)

To say truth the only "./configure;make" is png, jpg, xml2, xslt & webp. Other ones may need more work. For example sqlite , icu not pure "./conigure;make", but if i remember right no needs much special changes. And other ones in one or another way need more work.

Cairo itslef is easy to update (already do this), replacing pthreads on semaphores there easy. But then, new cairo to be build, request: new freetype (done), new pixman-1 (also done, easy as well), and new fontconfig.

And with new fontconfig is where real changes and issues may start. I already build latest version, already fix the parts i fix for older version, and it buggy and trash the memory. I hope it trash the memory because its buggy by itselfa, not the odyssye trash the memory :)

For example, it crashes when run from RAM, or can't load file when run from SFS, and even when i run it from NGFS, it have some garbage in some buffers.

So with that one i need to clean things up, and do more tests, then put it online if can't deal with myself, so other ones can help with, and only then beta3 , which we can test if new fontconfig will be ok , and after that new pixman/cairo for beta4. Then sqlite, icu, ffmpeg, etc.

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