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Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress

Subject: Re: Odyssey 1.23 progress
by kas1e on 2020/3/13 15:56:41


Yes possible, but don't know .. with the old version on os4depot i never had such kind of crash and i had checked/saved dozen of that logs .. first time i see this one is with this beta 2

As you can see in readme for beta2 all what was changed its enabling of webp, new spoof agents and new freetype/xml/xstl. The only thing which somehow may be related is new freetype. But then, is it worth to rollback on old one, because it maybe cause that issue ?

If that sort of bugs when-one-visit-some-site was always easy reproduced, that can be somehow at least consider to fix , but when its random..

Webkit is full of bugs that for sure, and all those 3d party libs full of memory leaks and all sort of bugs that for sure too (its enough to check changelogs of all those 3d party libs, to see how many memory leaks they fix , and probabaly how many they introduce). Updating one or another lib will always bring something new : good and bad.

And i am sure we have there lots of memory trashing issues which can manifest in different areas too. They just shifts once new library/code added/removed.

In other words, what can we do there ? If your cairo-crash is random, how can we fix it ?

And K-L says before that he have cairo-crashes with beta01 as well, thorugh crashlog is different:
https://amiga-ng.org/resources/CrashLo ... y_2020-03-05_21-12-39.txt

We can hope updating to new Cairo will solve some issues (and bring new ones, of course !:) ). Maybe new cairo will works better with new freetype as well. But nothing else can be done from my side at least, as fixing webkit's code is out of my skills surely. Expectually when bugs is random.

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