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Re: Converting catalog in UTF-8 code

Subject: Re: Converting catalog in UTF-8 code
by Gazelle on 2014/1/25 20:50:35


I have done it with the german catalog because some of the popup menus where missing in my config (german_ISO-8859-15).

My Steps:

  • renamed the file "deutsch.ct" to "owb_german_l9.ct" (l9 = latin9 = ISO-8859-15)

  • edited all strings to iso-8859-15 in "owb_german_l9.ct"

  • converted the file "owb_german_l9.ct" to a new utf-8 file "owb_german_utf8.ct"
    > CharsetConvert owb_german_l9.ct ISO-8859-15 owb_german_utf8.ct UTF-8

  • copied "owb_german_l9.ct" to "owb_german_mixed.ct"

  • replaced all MSG_LOCALIZED_XXX from "owb_german_mixed.ct" with the ones from "owb_german_utf8.ct"

  • set "## codeset 111" in "owb_german_mixed.ct" (thats the MIBenum for ISO-8859-15, see L:CharSets/character-sets for your number)

  • set "## language german" in "owb_german_mixed.ct"

  • compiled the catalog
    > CatComp owb.cd owb_german_mixed.ct CATALOG OWB.catalog

  • installed the catalog in Catalogs/german

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