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Re: Questions about X5000

Subject: Re: Questions about X5000
by daveyw on 2021/4/20 21:28:32


I have used PCI, PCIe and the onboard ethernet on my X5000.

I used PCI Realtek initially (bought the X5000 when it first came out).

Switched to PCIe Realtek a bit later, hoping for a performance increase, but the card had problems - about once a month, it would just stop working. With Skateman's help, he identified that when it does this, I have to switch off the PSU, unplug the cable, plug it back in, and switch back on. Then everything is OK.

Tried the onboard ethernet when the driver first became available, but the performance with my NAS (WD MyCloud) connected via Samba was terrible, so I continued to use the PCIe Realtek card. I had been in contact with the Olaf and we never sorted it; my WD has since died. I could probably go back now.

So in my experience, PCI is the least troublesome. But going onboard saves you the trouble of buying a card.

Note that there are actually 2 onboard ports. The backplate that AmigaKit supplied with my X5000 motherboard blanks one of them out, so I guess only one of them is usable?

I am likewise confused with the Radeon drivers. When I built my X5000, I tried several graphics cards to get it working. Initially I had a Radeon 7850HD, but it wouldn't get past the splash screen, so I tried a lesser card I borrowed from a SAM (can't recall what it was), which worked. Bought the Radeon driver package from AEON, although I'm not sure I needed it as I already had Enhancer - to this day I think I paid for something I didn't actually need. Eventually got the 7850 working.

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