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Re: New Sam460cr boards will hit the road soon!

Subject: Re: New Sam460cr boards will hit the road soon!
by nbache on 2021/4/30 23:31:52


EDIT: just running "idetool -l sii3114ide.device" bring me that:


Flags: $00000187 - present, LBA48 used, supports DMA, ATA, supports cache flush, interrupts used.
Xfer mode: best pio 12 (PIO 4, 16 MB/s) / best dma 70 (UDMA 6, 133 MB/s) / current 70 (UDMA 6, 133 MB/s)

So seems DMA enabled by default already and information in the sam460 guide from 2014 are a bit out of date?
Yeah, if I remember correctly, the defaulting to PIO was done for the internal a1ide.device on the old AmigaOnes, where DMA mode was problematic and needed hardware fixes with other problems etc.

I think the whole series of "IDE" (SATA etc.) drivers have long been defaulting to DMA modes on anything else.

So unless it looks like it is too optimistic and defaults to a DMA mode too high, so errors occur, there is normally no need to use the *_xfer variables.

From SYS:Documentation/IDE/sii3114ide_dev.doc:

Default : if you don't set this envvar, sii3114ide will use the best UDMA mode
supported by the drive. This is only true for hardware platforms
with stable UDMA support otherwise the default is best PIO mode.

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