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Re: X5000 booting from USB without loading additional files from HDD , how ? SOLVED

Subject: Re: X5000 booting from USB without loading additional files from HDD , how ? SOLVED
by kas1e on 2020/12/21 12:03:12

I read bootmenu.kmod documentation and find out that part:


With some USB configurations, it may be difficult to enter the boot menu unless the mouse buttons or key are tapped repeatedly instead of being held down. In some cases it may be necessary to force bootmenu to wait
for some USB devices to initialize, by setting the firmware variable "bootmenu_waitticks" to 25, 50 or 100 ticks. This can be done from the Shell with the command 'NVSetVar bootmenu_waitticks 100' or from the firmware prompt with the command 'setenv bootmenu_waitticks 100'.

Going to U-Boot, and can't see any predefined bootmenu_waitticks environment, so just set a new one as it says to 100: and hooray! I can enter to boot menu with no problems! Just by holding 2 mouse buttons after x5000 power on, without needs to press on it like a madman. Just press and hold.

But then, meeting with another issue: my mouse didn't move up/down, only right-left. Probably because it's too a new one with 5 buttons. But anyway feels like a bug in bootmouse.usbfd.

Maybe that can be also an issue in the bootmenu.kmod itself, but dunno.

Unplug/replug mouse while in bootmenu didn't change a thing, so it something somewhere ..

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