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Re: Which Enhancer-package and RadeonHD-driver for SAM460

Subject: Re: Which Enhancer-package and RadeonHD-driver for SAM460
by Lio on 2020/1/6 18:13:27

I was in the same situation a few years ago with my A1XEG4/Ati Radeon 9000 (and now have X-5000/Ati Radeon 270x) and collected the following info accross the forums :

TrevorD Just to clarify a few points.
1. The Enhancer Software package is an A-EON Technology product as are all the RadeonHD and Warp3D-SI, and Warp3D Nova and related future AmigaOS graphics developments.
2. If you don't have an RadeonHD 7xxx card or newer you don't need Warp3D-SI or Nova (although you will miss out on the future benefits).
3. All RadeonHD update have been supplied free of charge up to v2.10. If you don't have Nova you do not really need RadeonHD updates past v2.10 as most updates are related to Nova compatibility and you can't take advantage of them if you don't have Nova.
4. Hans de Ruiter is under almost full time contract to A-EON to continuously work on and develop the AmigaOS graphics system. All Nova and related graphics updates are a continuously funded by A-EON.
5. The Enhancer software packs contains much more that the Nova Graphics package. 3 free ESP update have been released in the past year, each of which contain a lot of new features and updates.
6.Software development is not free, developers need to be paid.

Amigakit :
RadeonHD v1.0 driver was released four years ago in 2013. It was subsequently updated seven times to version 1.7 and offered as a FREE upgrade to those that paid for the v1 driver and to those that had the driver free with the AmigaOne X1000 system.

RadeonHD v2.4 was released a year later in 2014 (three years ago). It yielded six updates to v2.10, once again FREE for those that paid for the updated driver. Existing users of the v1 driver had a very small upgrade price to pay to update to v2.x from v1.x and received a years worth of free updates to v2.10 released in 2015.

All these free upgrades were of course released to users above and beyond what was advertised or promised in marketing, news releases or in the product specification. I think this is more than fair given the amount of updates were provided over the years for free to registered users. Free software development of course cannot indefinitely continue because developers need to be paid for their hard work.

The new versions of RadeonHD driver in the Enhancer Software v1.3 Standard (v1.21) and Plus (v2.22) are specifically designed to function with the Warp3D Nova system on the Enhancer Software and constistute a part of the cost of the Enhancer Software package. Closer integration of the software will continue. The development cost is of course significant over the years. There have been three major updates to Enhancer Software and all have been provided FREE of charge to registered users.

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