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Re: Maximum memory X1000

Subject: Re: Maximum memory X1000
by Helloworld on 2019/6/17 14:08:40


There shouldn't be the need to recompile every program to make use of bank switching.
It should be handled by ExecSG, or any other program, in the background, on the fly.

Do you mean that all of the existing OS4 software should dynamically be mapped above the 2GB barrier by the OS?

I'm not very technical, but doesn't this mean that those OS4 programs out of the currently used banks
would suddenly freeze or not able to multitask alongside other programs without warning?

If so then I personally would not like to be implemented this way, seems inconvenient to me.

Unless Exec would also constantly switch banks to allow for multitasking but I think that would have quite a performance penalty.

I rather have the normal programs reside in the 2GB barrier and have ExtMem support hardwired in certain programs e.g. web browsers having tabs in different banks or video editors.

Of course I wouldn't mind if this dynamic way of storing programs in different banks is optional for the user.
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